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Nintendo 3DS Games and Emulators : N3DS roms
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Is Nintendo 3DS Worth the Wait?

To say that the Nintendo 3DS is the most anticipated hand-held console of the year is no exaggeration. Since it was first unveiled, people have been dreaming of how it would work and how it would look like. Sony PSP has always been Nintendo’s rival in the market and with their upcoming console, perhaps they may have snapped a little victory against their competitor. Nintendo 3DS Emulator can play NDS ROMs

nintendo 3ds romsThe 3DS is a tad smaller than the original DS hardware but don’t be mislead by its size. This console packs quite a punch. The dimensions might be approximately 5.3”x2.9”x0.8” but there so many great features under its hood. Anyone can see that the people from Nintendo have really thought hard on the design, keeping in mind how the old DS looked like. Based on the initial mock-up, it fits the palm well and it doesn’t feel chunky.

What’s inside the hardware can blow you away. For one thing, the resolution is just right and the graphics is sharp. It doesn’t strain the eyes too much, something that has become one of the major concerns of old DS users. The controls are fairly as responsive as that of the DSi and the use of slide pads does make a big difference especially since it seems to be more suitable in this console compared to PSP.

People might also be delighted by the three VGA cameras the Nintendo 3DS has. Two of them can be found outside and though you might initially think it’s strange, you might be happy to know that this makes it possible for you to take 3D pictures. With a possible picture editing software bundled in the console, people would have a lot more reason to thinker with their 3DS.

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Known features of the 3DS have endeared it to Nintendo fans and the new converts alike. It’s nice to see how Nintendo have listened to the wishes of the consumers and have adapted features that anyone would love their hand-held consoles to have. But the real question remains. Does the 3DS work or is it merely a half-baked marketing ploy that would get people to buy their products? Based on how the console handled some demo games, it’s safe to say that it works well.

Make no mistake, there are some flaws that may need some tweaks to make it a truly exceptional 3D handheld console. Lucky for those who want to own a Nintendo 3DS, there’s still time to fix its imperfections since it’s set to be released by Mid 2011.

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