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Ice Climber in Super Smash Bros Melee

Origin: The Ice Climbers date back to over 15 years ago where they debuted in the arcades and then the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES roms) in their own self-titled game, called Ice Climber. The basic concept of Ice Climber was to climb a mountain level-by-level, smashing holes into the forthcoming floors with your hammer, while at the same time defending yourself from bears and other enemies. The game wasn't exactly a smaaash hit compared to the success of Super Mario Land or Donkey Kong so it went into the archives, never to be seen again... until now. The Ice Climbers game was integrated into Nintendo's Japanese release of Animal Forest and the two adorable characters (Popo and Nana) are some of the most talked about new additions to Super Smash Bros. Melee for GameCube. 

Game History: 

  • 1984 -- Ice Climber (Arcade) 
  • 1985 -- Ice Climber (NES) 
  • 2001 -- Animal Forest (N64) 
  • 2001 -- Super Smash Bros. Melee (GameCube) 
  • 2001 -- Animal Forest  + (GameCube) 


Popo and Nana Moves
Master them, and you'll be playing with the most powerful duo in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Move Button / Combination Additional Info
Ice Shot B Shoot sliding ice blocks
Squall Hammer Right / Left + B Both Ice Climbers attack with hammers
Belay Up + B Rubber-band jump (requires Nana)
Blizzard Down + B Double freeze attack (left and right)
Double Jump Y / Up (in the air) Simple double jump
Hammer Swing A Standard attack
Hammer Combo A (repeatedly) Hammer attack combo
Hammer Spin Up + A Strong Attack: Up
Reverse Hammer Swing Right / Left + A Strong Attack: Side
Hammer Sweep Down + A Strong Attack: Down
Hammer Uppercut Up + A (Smash) Charge the Smash Move by holding A
Hammer Hit Right / Left + A (Smash) Charge the Smash Move by holding A
Hammer Roundhouse Down + A (Smash) Charge the Smash Move by holding A
Hammer Twirl A (in the air) Spinning attack
High Hammer Up + A (in the air) Midair Attack: Up
Backwards Air Hammer Left + A (in the air) Midair Attack: Back
Air Hammer Hit Right + A (in the air) Midair Attack: Front
Pogo Hammer Down + A (in the air) Midair Attack: Down
Double Blizzard Down + B (in the air) Double freeze attack (one direction)
Shoulder Charge Right / Left + A (while running) Running Attack
Grab L + A / R + A / Z Must be close to opponent
Headbutt Grab opponent, then hit A Must be close to opponent
Homerun Hammer Grab opponent, then Right Must be close to opponent
Backwards Toss Grab opponent, then Left Must be close to opponent
Downward Throw Grab opponent, then Down Must be close to opponent
Shield L or R (analog: strength/size) Shield can be shifted with stick
Roll Backward L or R + Left (Smash) Evasive Maneuver
Roll Forward L or R + Right (Smash) Evasive Maneuver
Dodge L or R + Down (Smash) Evasive Maneuver
Air Dodge L / R (in the air) Control stick determines direction
Pick up / Use Item A Effect depends on item
Throw Item Right/Left + L / R + A Alternatively throw with Right/Left + Z
Smash Throw L / R + A + Right/Left (Smash) Alternatively throw with Right/Left + Z
Drop Item L / R + A Alternatively discard item with Z
Climb Up Up (hanging from edge) Hit A or B for instant attack
Taunt Up (D-Pad) Taunt move / character pose