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PS3 Jailbreak and PS3key Backup Manager
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PS Jailbreak - PS3 Chip

What’s the latest buzz in PS3 nowadays? The news is that PS3 has been finally hacked a.k.a Jailbroken with a brilliant USB device known as the PS Jailbreak - USB PS3 Chip. No need for soldering like with the PS2 Mod Chips. Dubbed as the modern day HD Loader, the PS Jailbreak can enable users to dump original PS3 games onto a hard drive and then be able to play the game from there. You can basically make backup copies of games so you can play them any time you want to without having to insert a CD.

The PS Jailbreak has an official website, and a retailer has already provided a few videos of this. Moreover, some hackers have confirmed that such a program does exist. Keep an open-mind however because it may not be what we hoped it would be once released.

Latest update: It has been claimed that the PS Jailbreak runs faster than Blu-ray. It also supports Homebrew, and is also fully updateable. Moreover, a new close-up photo is available and details are found inside.

What We Know about PS3 Jailbreak / PS3Key USB mod-chips:

A ‘hacker’ known as Xorloser said that the PS Jailbreak and PS3 Key can turn the PS3 into a debug unit and this lets users install and play any game from the unit’s hard drive. Mathieulh and the others have been constantly talking about this mod chip and think this probably makes use of illegal codes from the PS3 SDK, which would explain why it works so well.

In any case, this poses a huge implication on the PS3 console. If you think about it, people who rent and borrow games from their friends can now use Backup Manager and x3 modchip usb to copy the games and they will have their very own original copy. However we are hoping that this would pave the way for some Homebrew projects so that better possibilities will be made possible in the future.

PS3 Jailbreak tech specs - PS3key review - PlayStation 3 HDD compatible games - PS3 moded / hacked

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